Accredited Personal Trainer Courses
Accredited Personal Trainer Courses

ِِA Personal Trainer is an accredited trainer with a varying degree of academic and practical knowledge of general fitness in order to provide different workout descriptions and instructions by motivating clients and by setting their goals. A Personal Trainer also measures the strengths and weaknesses of his clients with fitness ratings. He/She can perform these fitness assessments before and after the designed training program to measure his/her clients' fitness improvement. He/She should also educate his/her clients on many other aspects besides exercising, including public health and nutrition guidelines. It is worth noting that it is very important for the Personal Trainer to take his/her time to evaluate the personal life of the customer outside the gym. In this way, the Personal Trainer can recognize the type of pressure that his/her client may be exposed to certain areas of their body during their daily life.

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Sports Medical Courses
Sports Medical Courses

Sports Medicine Courses help trainees meet basic requirements in Kinesiology and Biological Sciences before taking other athletic training courses.

It also includes:

Sports Nutrition

Injury Prevention

Movement Analysis

Muscular Anatomy

Fitness Physiology

And other specialized courses

Free Courses, Forums, Events and Conferences, In person and Online
Free Courses, Forums, Events and Conferences, In person and Online

Fitness Expert Academy for Sports Training takes upon itself not only serving Saudi community, but also regional and international communities, through holding forums, conferences, and free courses to educate the community members in sports fields, health, and sports ethics, and in most cases free of charge, whether through attendance or through online training. We were founded in the sports field to serve you with all our facilities and capacities.

New Trends in Sports Training Programs
New Trends in Sports Training Programs

Fitness Expert Academy has the honor that it always strives to meet the latest training methods and provide them through high training competencies and internationally accredited certificates. Among the most important directions of the Academy in the current year:

Group Training
Group training is any exercise of more than five participants. It debuted among the top 20 training trends in 2017.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
This includes "short bursts of high-intensity exercise bouts followed by a short period of rest." It's usually 30 minutes or less, but the key point is to get a very fast and effective workout.

Fitness Programs for the Elderly:
With age, it makes sense to present fitness offers with us. Programs that "emphasize and meet the fitness needs of the older generations" to maintain bone density and muscle mass as they age, in addition to reaping the many other health benefits that come with activity.

Body Weight Exercises:
This method only uses your body weight - think of pressure exercises and planks - to get you sweating. It is training on the lack of equipment or tools because it is very convenient and wonderful any time and anywhere. Your body is really a great resistance training tool.

Hiring Certified Fitness Professionals:
As the fitness industry grows, the importance of focusing on hiring certified professionals increases. We expect priority to accredited professionals who are accredited with "fully accredited educational and certification programs for health / fitness professionals".

"Power Yoga, Yogilates, and yoga in hot environments" Yoga has taken many forms. Who knows what other forms of yoga the future holds?

Personal Training:
Personal training is "fitness testing and goal-setting with a coach who works person-to-person with the client."

Job Fitness Training: 
One of the most practical elements on the list is fitness training, using the exercise "to improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance to improve everyday activities." Squatting is a job exercise because it can simulate the movements it needs to bend and pick something off the ground. This trend is only partially increasing thanks to the increase in fitness programs that cater to the needs of the elderly.

Medical Sports Courses

Local & International Diplomas
Local & International Diplomas

Fitness Expert Academy offers many diplomas locally and internationally accredited to help young men and women to enter the labor market professionally and according to the requirements of the local labor market.